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  • UND300 Basement Car parking Inspection System

UND300 Basement Car parking Inspection System

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UND300 Basement Car parking Inspection system is used for fluoroscopy inspection of the rear compartment of small passenger vehicles (such as small cars, SUVs, minivans, MVPs, etc.). The system uses a non-stop inspection mode to ensure high-speed efficient vehicle checking and passing .

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Product Description:

Application: Landmark buildings, shopping malls / hotels, railway stations airports, government agencies and other places underground packing

Function: Inspect the condition of car trunk

Inspection: Flammable, controlled firearms and other contraband

Inspection mode: Inspect without stop the car, efficient check rate and pass rate

Safety: Compliance with international radiation regulation

Product Features:

1.High integration, fast and convenient operation.

2..Intuitive display of the trunk and the car situation

3.Compliance with international radiation regulation

4.Advanced material identification algorithm

5.High speed inspection to avoid vehicle congestion

6.Real-time transmission of inspection information, remote monitoring


 radiation source

KV Degree


120 units/h



Inspection Speed


Max. Inspection Dimension



About 750m²L 50mW 15m

Radiation safety

Driver effective annual dose


Worker effective annual dose


 Boundary maximum dose rate



China National Standard: GB18871-2002 (ionizing radiation protection and radiation source safety standards), GB Z143-2002 (industrial X-ray inspection health protection standards)

Environmental Requirements

Operating temperature


Storage temperature


Operation Humidity

90%,No Condensation

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